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Beyond The Deal - Market Place


Project Details

"This is an Academic Project which means that all info shown in this project are not real."
Beyond The Deal is an On-line Market Place that users can sell and buy goods.

Beyond The Deal Market Place

This project required an online store that created and operated using PHP and storing it's information in different tables in the date base and uses these information to process different operations through the website like verifying users credentials or accepting orders and process payments.

Database stores information about Products, Customers, Employees, Branches locations, Services they offer, Events they organize and a list of sponsors who support them. Users should be able to interact with these info through the website and for each main entity , there will be sub-entities to keep the website organized. For example for each category in Products it will have their own tables like Pets, Food, Clothes, Toys and so on. Users will be able to browse website and once they are registered using the registration form they will be able to place their orders.

In users website, user can register and use these login credentials to login to the website and then place their orders and process payments for the product they purchased from the website.

Browsing the website

Users do not need to register to be able to browse the whole website. Unregistered users can browse all front end pages such as Home page, About page, Gallery page, News page, Contact page and Shop page, they can even review the detailed view page for any product.

Registering as user

You need to be a registered user to be able to view your cart, once you picked the selected product, you can't add it to your cart, in this stage you need to be registered. Registration process is very easy and all managed through PHP on the server, all what you need is to make sure that you filled all the fields and there is no error in any of it. Don't worry, if there is any error a message with the error will pop up and give you an idea about what is missing.

Purchasing a product

Once the user is registered, he/she will be able to place their order and view their shopping cart, they can process with checkout and make their payment, once they did, they will receive a thank you message that confirms their order and their payment.

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