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ACC PHP Project - Admin Website

//Animal Care

Project Details

"This is an Academic Project which means that all info shown in this project are not real."
Animal care Shelter is a non-profit organization the serves the community by taking care of animals, get them healthy and then trying to find a new family for them. Animal Care has its on-line shop that sells some different products such as pet foods, pet clothes, feeders, grooming and health care products, pet beds and pet toys.

Animal Care Centre Admin Website

This project required an online store that created and operated using PHP and storing it's information in different tables in the date base and uses these information to process different operations through the website like verifying users credentials or accepting orders and process payments.

Database stores information about Products, Customers, Employees, Branches locations, Services they offer, Events they organize and a list of sponsors who support them. Users should be able to interact with these info through the website and for each main entity , there will be sub-entities to keep the website organized. For example for each category in Products it will have their own tables like Pets, Food, Clothes, Toys and so on. Users will be able to browse website and once they are registered using the registration form they will be able to place their orders.

In admin website, admin can View some statistics about the products, browse all products, add a new product or edit an existing product.

  • Date : 15.09.2018
  • Instructor : Steve George
  • Skills : PHP , JavaScript
  • Responsive : NO
Administration Home Page

In the administration home page, the admin can check some statistics about the store. Home page shows information about each location (branch) such as Total Branch Care Expenses, Total Purchase Expenses, Average Purchase Per Pet, Age of Older Pet, Average of Pet Ages, Youngest Age in Branch, Average Weight of Pets, Average Height of Pets and Average Cost per Year for each branch.

Add New Product Page

In the add new product page, Administrator can add a new product and enter all information about the new product in the new product form. Once all info about the new product, all new info will be stored in database and the new product shows immediately in the shop page.

Edit Product Page

In the product edit page, admin can change any details about any product. Once administrator edited any detail about the product, all new details will replace old details that stored in the data base. From edit page, admin can as well delete any product, all deleted products will be kept in the database but it will marked as deleted.

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