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About My Logo

If you are working on serving people with their designs for a long time, the hard part is when you try to do your own branding because this time your goal is not to satisfy your client, but it is to satisfy your ego with the thing that you are doing for yourself. If a designer is creating his/her own branding, people will be waiting for best of the best of his/her work.

My Logo
Ed Endrawes.
Some more information about My Logo

Why is The Owl ?

The Egyptian hieroglyph is known as the language of signs and symbols spoken by the ancient Egyptians. and The owl symbol is used for the “M” in the hieroglyphic alphabet. The owl represents inner-knowledge, psychic ability, and intuition. Owls are known to have acute hearing, brilliant vision, and the ability to fly silently, making them crafty and effective hunters, and are of course known to be nocturnal.

The owl has been strongly associated with wisdom and learning as well. Owls are considered to be messengers between earthly creatures and spirits and are deeply allied with magic and heightened senses throughout the ages. They can even rotate their heads and necks as much as 270 degrees in either direction, while their eyes are fixed in their sockets.

So, Why I choose The Owl ?

First, my childhood nickname was " MEDOO ", this name was given to me by my Mom and my Friends that's why this was a very special name for me, and as the Owl presents the letter " M " in the Egyptian hieroglyph which is the first letter of my nickname, it was good to match my symbol with the name that I love.

Second, All qualities of the Owl guides me in a different way. The acute hearing in the Owl reminds me that I have to listen to people, always listen. The Brilliant Vision of it reminds me that designer should have a great eye to be a good one. The silent Flying shows me that being quite it doesn't mean that you can not fly. Because owls are considered to be messengers between earthly creatures and spirits, a good designer should be able to deliver the message to people clearly and easily. And last but not least, because Owls can rotate their heads and necks as much as 270 degrees in either direction, while their eyes are fixed in their sockets, that reminds me that as a designer I should be able to look around to see the my work from all sides, to make sure that its matching the purpose we are seeking.

"Photo by Anna Ressman. Courtesy of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago."
Ed Endrawes.
No, let's talk a little bit about My Logo

My Logo ?

The head of the Owl is not attached to the body what meant to give it more freedom to move around and and look at any direction. The bosy of the Owl holds the initials of my name Ed Endrawes " E E " and it's shown in lower case to match the circular design of the logo, these two letters are shown as a single letter as they are the same.

For my logo I choose the Yellow-Orange for couple of reasons, first that it is my favorite color of all colors specially when I match it with dark gray or black. Second because it has a meaning in my beloved Ancient Egyptian History and civilization.

In ancient Egypt yellow (khenet, kenit) represented that which was eternal and indestructible, and was closely associated with gold (nebu or nebw) and the sun. Gold was thought to be the substance which formed the skin of the gods and numerous statues of the gods were either made of gold or covered with gold leaf and the skin of the god was often painted gold in two dimensional images. The pharaoh's sarcophagus was made of gold as he was thought to become a god on his death and he was adorned with a variety of gold amulets and jewellery during mummification and the deceased often wore a golden mask. A golden "Shen" amulet was placed over the breast of the mummy to give the deceased the protection of Ra and ensure that he or she would live as long as the sun shone.

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